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February 2018
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Refresh, Reload

I’ve been looking to get back to this thing sometime soon and decided that now with less writing responsibilities on me at the moment would be a great time to try it out again. I will admit that my brother-in-law’s blog is also getting me interested in just putting up some thoughts on here, some goals, stuff like that.

I’m willing to bet that when my father-in-law got me back out on the golf course in the first week of June he had no idea of the monster that he was creating. I’ve been thinking about golf, reading about golf and playing golf as often as possible since I got back out there. I’m not even remotely close to good, mind you, but I’m getting better. Slowly but surely. I’m also not huffing and puffing my way around the golf course the way I was in early June. Golf isn’t a huge workout, but when you tend to spend as many hours a day completely sedentary as I do anything is an improvement. While I’m not ready for the big time yet, I’m better than I was when I quit playing about 5 years ago. I think this is due to a more mellow outlook and maturity. I am now able to take a bad shot or a bad hole and let it go (not immediately, but certainly within the next hole or two) whereas when I was younger a bad first or second hole would get me so frustrated that I ruined the whole round. I’m also not looking to destroy the ball with every swing. I’m taking a little off and trying to locate the ball where I want it rather than just trying to mash it out there a long way and ending up in the trees. I do still spend some time in the trees, but it’s better than it was. There’s a little 9-hole course in College Park that’s just big enough for me to jump on, play nine, then get home to help with dinner and helping put Lily down two or three times a week.

The other big change lately has been that Sarah’s sister and her family have moved down to Nashville from State College, Pennsylvania. We’ve seen them three times in the last 2 months, which is almost as much as we’d seen them in the two years before that. Sarah and Lily are enjoying spending time with cousins and sisters and grandparents and I’m thrilled to have Rob around to heckle in person. We’ve trekked up there both of the last two weekends, which is nice, but I’m also looking forward to the next two weekends at home to relax. They will be our first two weekends at home since St. Simons on June 9, so the downtime will be nice.

Goals for the summer are to get cracking on another job in a very serious way. I’ll be updating this site with more work examples here soon so while it’s not a real portfolio site, it will at least have stuff for prospective employers to look at. I’m also looking to play more golf and get myself into much better shape, up to the point that I can walk that little College Park course during the week and not have a heart attack. I intend to write more purely for myself and with an eye towards improving my writing. This will include reducing my adverb usage and getting straight to the point so that I can write short posts that contain decent information rather than the inflated behemoths I’m always dreading getting myself stuck with.