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February 2018
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The Speed of Time

I’m not sure how a month can go by without my noticing, but it would appear that is what happened. We’ve had a good month around the house, though, with the little one starting school (day care really, but she likes to be a big girl) and the wife starting another school year. I’ve been working on a couple of projects that are starting to come together at different speeds.

The turn in the weather this week has been a true Godsend. Going out there at 95 degrees is okay for a short time, but playing every day in that heat really takes it out of you. Yesterday it was under 80 degrees with a slight breeze and I played truly horrendous golf. Three par 4’s to start went 6-6-7. At the start of the ninth hole, though, I realized that I had been over swinging all day long, trying to kill the ball instead of hitting it pure and letting my hips and clubs do the work.

Last weekend we took the family up to Commerce, GA for my grandmother’s 90th birthday. It was a remarkable day with family, including four generations with the addition of the three great grand children. This was Lily’s first time meeting her second(?) cousins and she was delighted. Watching her coo and hug and pet them was exciting and a bit of a relief. She tends to get a little over aggressive with her affection and I was glad to see that she kept that in check. The boys seemed to enjoy watching her run around and she enjoyed squeezing their cheeks.

This weekend is going to be devoted to watching the Braves try to make the playoffs for the first time in years. They’ve lost the division lead, but are up a game and a half in the wild card and I think they have an excellent chance. We’ll be going to the games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in hopes of watching them clinch a playoff spot. It’s been sad to watch them falter so badly down the stretch, and I’m not sure how they will do when they get into the postseason, but honestly, the way they are pitching right now they only need one or two hitters to get hot and they have a shot against most anyone. Sarah’s going to the game today with Lily and my mom, which is a bit odd since I don’t know that my wife and child have ever gone to a game without me, but it’s a 4:30 start and I’ve got to work. I’m going to sneak out to the golf course afterward and try to calm the swing down a bit then meet them at home for dinner and bedtime.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately and the strange “what I did this summer” type of recovery post, we’ll see if I can get back on top of this here in the coming days.


Comment from Barbara
Time September 29, 2010 at 9:46 pm

Nice post. Glad you got around to it!

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